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Bad Bouncer

All of the ID posts reminded me of this story. It has been years since this occurred, so I cannot remember verbatim what was said.

I was 21 at the time the events unfolded.

I went to a bar with some friends. We went to the bouncer and he carded us all. I had no problem with being carded so I gave him my legitimate ID. It was an out of state ID as I was from Ohio and the bar was in Chicago, where I went to school. The bouncer took my ID and said it was a fake. I said no it is not, I have other items on me with my name such as credit cards and my student ID, would he like to see them. He said no. I said I need my ID back. He said no. I said I need my ID back and that he had no right to keep it. He said the only way I could get it back was to walk to the nearest police station and ask a police officer to come to the bar, and then I would be arrested for having a fake ID. I said I am not leaving you with my ID as I have no guarentee you won't destroy it. He told me to leave. I said I am not leaving without my idea. As this was before every college student had a cell phone, none of my friends nor I had a phone to call the police. I continued to say I will not leave but can you just call the police and ask them to come here. He said no. At this time I started to yell at him. He said he was calling the police to arrest me for trespassing, since he was asking me to leave and I was refusing. I said good. I saw him ask someone to call the police and then verify they did. I then walked off of the bars premises, but remained in front of the bar.

After 45 minutes a police officer arrived. The police officer spoke to the bouncer first, and then came to me. He started by saying I needed to leave or he would arrest me. I then calmly explained that the bouncer accused me of trying to gain entrance with a fake ID, but that the ID I had given him was inf fact my valid driver's license and that I needed it back. The officer asked me if I wanted him to run my license to verify it was valid, knowing that if it turned out not to be valid he would arrest me. I said yes. He then went to the bouncer again. I assume he got my ID.

The oficer was gone for a bit, then came to me and asked me to come with him. He then escorted me to the bouncer and said I have good news and bad news. For you ma'am the goods news is this is a valid ID, and it appears to be you on the ID. I am also happy to inform you that their are no warrants out for your arrest. The bad news for you *looking at the bouncer* is you attempted to steal this young ladies ID. I assume you intend to apologize to her and make things right. The bouncer was rude and said yea whatever it looked like a fake. The officer said it doesn't look like a fake to me and I did compare it to the book showing what all IDs are to look like. The officer then asked for the person in charge, explained to him what the bouncer did. The manager did apologize to me, told me and my friends to come in. We said we would rather not.

We ended up going to another bar next door, and the officer waited by us as our IDs were okayed by their bouncer.
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