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When I tell you I want to cancel my account but need to hold on to the domain names I've paid for until I can scrape up enough money to transfer them to someone else, and you agree to downgrade it to a free "domain parking" account, that doesn't mean close the support ticket and do nothing and then send me another notice that I owe you money. I don't owe you money! I asked for you to cancel my account! Argh.

Update: As of today, my site is *still* being hosted by them; Two days ago I opened a second support ticket, saying I needed the codes and to cancel my hosting. They did released the codes to transfer my domain names, and I've paid $34 to another company to transfer and renew one of them (I'm going to have to let the other expire). My billing cycle ends on 3/3, and startlogic still has my paypal information - if they charge me $80+ for a service I've tried to cancel twice, in two different support tickets both marked resolved, I'm going to be very, very upset.
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