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Rack Room

Alright, today I was in the mall near my house to pick up some applications(and drop a couple off). I saw a sign in front of Rack Room Shoes stating they were hiring. I figure I'll go in and give it a shot, since they were looking for assistant managers and I've had a lot of experience in that area.

Now once I go in there and go to the counter, one lady is leaning against the counter, the other lady is EATING at the counter, her box of food open. Now as long as I've worked in retail, I've never worked for anyone that would allow -any- type of eating at the front counter like that.

She told me the spiel of how they were only looking for assistant managers, blah blah blah, sounded kinda snitty with how she said it, then asked me if I've had any experience. I told her I had, and in fact, my most recent job I was an Assistant Manager for almost three years(and had more experience before that). She said "oh, good". All the while with her mouth full.

Needless to say I don't think I'll be returning an application there.
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