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I've had so many problems with Verizon's customer service. I had never had an issue until this past September, when my opinion of them lowered considerably.

When my two year agreement ended with Verizon, it was time for a new phone. So, I go into the store, and start looking around at phones.

Originally, I really wanted the pink Blackberry. But the salesperson told me that the internet is required on a Blackberry, and it's $30 extra a month. And no, I can't cancel the internet on the phone, even if I decide I don't use it enough.**

I started looking at the other phones. The Glyde was fairly new, and I decided that I wanted that one. I paid the $250 with the $100 rebate and went on my way. About three days later, I realized the touch screen was awful. Even when I was clearly pressing one button, the phone would direct me elsewhere. After about a week and a half of this, I brought the phone back to the store, and they offered me a software upgrade. I asked if there were any other options, and they promised that the software upgrade would solve all of my problems.

I got the software upgrade and left. A few days later, I was having the same problems. So, I brought the phone back again. Apparently, a new software upgrade had just come out, so they offered that. I told them I was really unsatisfied with the phone and asked if there were any other options. They told me to get the second software upgrade, which I did.

I was still experiencing the same problems, but there wasn't enough time for me to make a trip back to the store until about a month and a half later. I told them about the software upgrades I had been given, and how they didn't work. The salesman then proceeded to tell me, that since I was outside of a 30 day window, I couldn't get a different model phone without paying full retail price for it - but they could replace it with a new phone of the same model. If I had brought it back within the first 30 days and told them I was experiencing problems, I should have been offered a different model phone. HOWEVER, no one told me this when I did bring it back within 30 days.

To sum up the next few months, I had my phone replaced the first time, and they didn't give me the software upgrades on it, so I was back at square one. I had to bring that model back to get the upgrades that I had already gotten on the first phone of this model I had. I had it replaced twice more within 60 days due to the same problems before I was given a different phone, which is apparently notorious for problems with the front keypad, which I am experiencing now.

Why weren't all of the options brought to my attention the first time I brought the phone back, let alone the second time? Instead, I was stuck with the same phone for much longer than I should have been.
Oh, Verizon, when did you start sucking? :[

**A few weeks later, one of my regular customers where I work was telling me about she had gotten the pink Blackberry and she loved it so much. I asked how she felt about the extra internet charges, and she said after the first month she had the internet taken off her phone because she rarely used it. Weird, I was told that wasn't an option.
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