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Some small pizza troubles

My first post here, so I hope I'm doing it right.

Right now, Pizza Pizza is running a special - a medium pepperoni pizza for $6.99. We know they are, because there are large posters all over their store. This is a walk-in special only.

Me and two friends walk in to the store, and before placing our rather large order, ask the cashier to make sure that they're still running the special. They say yes! So, we place our order, for 14 medium pepperoni pizzas - we even specify, "14 of your walk-in specials." the cashier takes a moment ringing up our order, then tells us the total, which is about $20 higher than what we thought it might be. We figure we might have counted wrong, so my friend pays the cashier and we sit to wait.

I'm examining our reciept, and realize the mistake - instead of charging us for 14 of their walk-in special pizzas ($7 each), we've been charged for 7 twin pizza deals ($16 for two pizzas, making each pizza $8).

Now, this might sound like a small discrepancy, however, when ordering 14 pizzas, it adds up.

So I take it back up to the cashier, and he says that it's cheaper. Oh, really? He says that the $7 pizza is before tax, and the twin pizza deal is $16 after tax, so in actuality, it's cheaper that way. He shows me how he rings it up.

Hang on a minute, with either one, you hit total, and it adds tax. I point this out to him.

Suddenly, the story is different - he says that he is not allowed to put 14 pizzas on one bill because they "won't fit." They he HAS to do it this way instead, so that they will fit on the one page, so there's nothing we can do about it.

Although this stands on it's own as sounding rather ludicrous, I know for a fact that it's not true, since we've ordered that many from them before.

So, I know it's only over $14... but really... I'm not sure what to do about it.

The only reason I left it alone was when my two friends grabbed either side of me and dragged me away, telling me that even though I'm right, I won't always win. The guy tossed in two extra garlic dips for our "misunderstanding."
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