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Backstory: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, for your reading pleasure.

Gist: Contractors for direcTV royally screw up our installation at our previous house. After weeks of battling and threats, we get it up and running and its been great, until we try to move.

We moved out of that house and into a new place the weekend of February 1st. You ever see those DirecTV commercials that are all, "Just call us and take your shit and we'll handle the rest?" Yeah, no. Apparently DirecTV called Halsted Communications to set up the removal of the dish at our old place. DirecTV told us they'd take care of it, no big. OK! So a week later we go back to the old house to get the rest of our shit and its still there, cemented into the ground in the backyard. We call again. They say they'll give Halsted another call, will make it urgent, and that Halsted will call us back in 48 hours. OK. They never do, and apparently canceled the appointment AGAIN.

We call back, get a ways up the DirecTV chain and ask for the number to Halsted. They said they don't have it, and Halsted has prohibited DirecTV from giving it out. We were pissed - we were trying to get the dish removed becasue the landlord didn't want it there, and we didn't want to be a burdeon on him and we couldn't remove it ourselves. Finally, after talking to our prior landlord he agreed t hat the new tenants could handle it, since they probably wanted DirecTV and when they got their new dish installed (ha ha.. hope they don't get DirecTV!) they can replace the one on the pole and stick up theirs (you can't give someone your dish - its linked to your account).

Luckily, the installation of our new dish at our new place went off without a hitch and has been great. And becasue of all the problems, we pay $50 a month total for 2 boxes, a HDDVR, all the movie channels, etc etc. It was kind of worth it, but what fucking dicks.
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