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Card me! But don't be a jerk about it! (Safeway cashier suck)

This is not the worst bad service in the world. It's just been bugging me for a few days, and I'd rant a bit, then get over it.


I do not mind being carded for alcohol. I kinda like it. Makes me feel special, in the "I'm old enough to buy alcohol!" way.

I'm 26. I look 26. On a bad day, I look...maybe 20? My husband is 25. He looks 25. On a bad day he looks 30.


We went to pick up a DVD, and dinner last weekend. I get a couple bottles of wine, because it's on a decent sale. No big deal.

We wander up to the counter. The cashier rings up our bbq sauce, our pork ribs. The she gets to the wine.

Her whole attitude changed. She'd been making small talk, whatever. When she goes to ring the wine, she shut down.

She asks for my ID. It's already out to give it to her. She asks for my husband's ID. (I think this is the law, but it was surprising given that we've actually never both been asked before). He pulls it out and gives it to her. She holds on to them. And stares at them. And sighs. And stares again.

At this point, I'm curious whether she thinks we're underage? It'd be pretty hard to think that. If she just doesn't like selling alcohol?

Then she starts to quiz us. Full name for both of us. Spelling of our name. Birth date. How old we are. Address. "You two live together?"

"....yes, we're married."

Eventually we actually get the wine, and out of there.

Like I said, I don't mind being carded. It was the attitude that killed me. As though we were doing something wrong, and she thought we were trying to pull some kind of con on her. Card me! Don't judge me for drinking cheap wine.

And jesus. It was two bottles of crappy wine. Not several twelve packs, or hard liquor. We weren't even stocking up.
Tags: *grocer, ^wtf
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