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Do I have the right to be angry?

Basically, I just want to know if I have the right to be angry about this.

Before this incident, my only experience in a hospital was to get my blood tested when I was 14. More on that later. So up until the point that I'm about to describe, I have had no knowledge of ambulance procedures or anything of the like whatsoever.

So one day a few months ago I was at work. I woke up around 10 to be at work at 11. I didn't eat breakfast because I was running late, and where I work they're pretty lenient about when you can take your break, so I figured I'd take mine at about noon.

So I get there and it's hot as balls in the back room where I work. I'm Sales Support so I'm stuck tagging clothing while standing up for a good long time.

After about a half an hour into my shift, I start to feel really shaky, clammy and just strange. I knew at this point I needed food. So when one of my managers came into the back, I attempted to ask her if I could go on my break, but instead ended up fainting. I came around rather quickly, and after throwing up and then eating a banana a little bit later, I felt fine. But during all of this, one of my coworkers managed to call mall security who ended up calling the EMS.

Soon the EMS are in my store and are telling me that I need to get onto the stretcher and go to the hospital. I tell them that what happened to me has happened before and it's nothing of any consequence. I've had blood and pee tests done to show that I'm perfectly healthy besides having low blood pressure and slightly low blood sugar. Afterwards, I was told by my doctor that I just need to eat breakfast in the morning before doing anything like taking a shower or going into the heat. This all happened after I fainted when I was 14, as previously mentioned, while I was taking a hot shower and didn't eat anything during the period (less than an hour) before I got into the shower.

But despite explaining all of this, the EMS people were determined to get me to go with them. I told them countless times that I know what had caused it and that I was fine, but they kept insisting that I might have had a seizure and that I should get my head checked because I fell straight to the floor. I felt perfectly fine and didn't want to go anywhere. At one point they flat-out told me they would get into trouble from their supervisor if they didn't take me. They said that if they filed that I had involuntarily fallen down but failed to take me in, they would be reprimanded. They also kept drilling into me all the things that could have been wrong with my head at that point from falling, basically putting a lot of fear into me which nearly made me cry. This arguing continued for about 15 minutes until a couple of my coworkers told me I should go. At that point I gave up and just let them take me because they were refusing to leave me alone. The manager who witnessed the fall wrote down in the claim she filed for me that I didn't want to go to the hospital and that I was basically taken against my will.

So I get on the stretcher (even though it was absolutely unnecessary because I could walk perfectly fine) and they start taking my blood pressure and heart rate while asking me a bunch of questions. All of this was conducive to nothing. They asked me which hospital I wanted to go to, and I said "the closest one" which I realize at this point was my mistake - I should have given the exact one. I wanted them to take me to the Women & Babies hospital that is literally a minute's drive down the street from where I work. But instead they drove me three miles into the city.

I wont get into the details of what happened at the hospital, because all of it was pointless and I have that bit of the experience under control. Basically, they found nothing, as I expected.

What I was utterly livid about was the $760 bill from the EMS I got not too soon after. I don't have health insurance and my job wouldn't take care of the bill. I don't understand why I was charged so much, after I clearly didn't want to go and didn't need to go, especially when they took me to the hospital that is pretty much the furthest away from where I work. They also barely did anything while I was on it.

I would just like to know if I have the right to be angry about this and if there's a way for me to get them to drop this, or if there's nothing I can do about it. I don't understand why it would be okay to pressure someone who is completely conscious onto an ambulance when it's clearly not needed. Especially to a hospital that was far away from where we were coming from when part of the bill is charged by mileage. $760 for an ambulance ride is ridiculous, nonetheless.
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