Albino Horse in a Raggedy Ann Wig (itrytobeamused) wrote in bad_service,
Albino Horse in a Raggedy Ann Wig

It's okay, I don't need to eat dinner tonight or anything

This isn't the worst suck in the world, but it is happening right now.

It's been colder than I really want to go out in where I live, because I don't drive and have to walk everywhere. I need to go grocery shopping but right now don't have much dinner-type food at home. So, earlier today, I placed an order online to have some food delivered from Quiznos at 8 tonight. The order went through like always (I've ordered online before with no problem, although never for a later time), my delivery time was confirmed as 8 p.m. today, I got my receipt emailed to me, great, went to bed (I work 11p-7a Mondays and Tuesdays so I sleep in the afternoons then).

So now here it is, 8:59 p.m., and my food isn't here. I tried calling there around 8:30 to see if they were busy/running late, but the phone just rings. They're closed. Oh. I getting any food tonight? I'm kinda stuck now because what if I order from somewhere else and then the Quiznos stuff shows up? Luckily I'm paying cash so I haven't given them my money yet. And I have work tonight, so I have to start getting ready pretty soon and can't sit around waiting for food that may or may not come. And because their latest delivery time was 8 p.m., I got up earlier than I would have if I had just ordered from somewhere open later. Which I knew at the time, but I wanted Quiznos. I'd be worried that they tried to deliver earlier than 8 and I was asleep and missed it, except they have my phone number, and I didn't get any calls from them.

I guess I could have done things differently and avoided this, but I'm really frustrated (not to mention hungry) right now.
Tags: deli/sandwich shop

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