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Papa Murphy's suck

The other day we got a coupon in the mail for two large one topping pizzas for $10.00. That's $10.00 total not each. My fiance called in the order and was told it would be ready for pick up in 10 minutes. I drove down there and stepped up to the counter to pick up the order and pay.

The cashier brought out my pizzas and rang me up. For $22.00.

Me: Um, the coupon says 2 large pizza's for $10.00.
Him: Yeah, $10.00 each.
Me: No, it says $10.00. Nowhere on the coupon does it say 'each'.

He argues with me for a little bit more so I ask for the manager. She comes over looks at my couple and tells him that yes it is for $10 total. She then turns to him.

Her: I hate everyone who brings in these coupons.

Ok, I know that ringing up coupons is sometimes annoying, but what? Did you seriously just say that in front of me? I took my pizzas and went home and told my fiance. He called her to complain. She went on and on about how she didn't mean to be rude, it's just that people that use the coupons don't bring in any money. He told her that as the former manager of a pizza place, that the point of coupons is to bring customers into the store, give them great service and make a repeat customer out of them. He asked for her district manager. She told him that they don't have one. After staying on the phone and arguing with her for 10 minutes, she offers us a free family meal.

Lesson is? Make sure your employees know about all the current sales and offers and don't insult customers.
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