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Annoying homeowner's association

In August of 2006, my family moved into a home in a new development. We weren't told until after the paperwork was finished that there was a homeowner's association attached to our home - and apparently the first year was included in the home purchase. Neither of us were thrilled, but we loved our house. For the first two years, the HA was run by an outside property management company. Just recently it was taken over by the actual community.

Our HA fee is $80 per year [not bad]. However, we have yet to see them actually DO anything with this fee. They claim they pay for landscaping of common areas, the street lights, and enforcement of rules. The common areas are mostly along sidewalks in a few places which are filled with *rocks* [hard to keep up with those rocks!], and the irrigation ditches.... which they expect us homeowners to come and clean out for them (no thanks, that's why we pay you). The street lights? We pay for those - it's on the bottom of our bill! 

[/end background rambling]

Yesterday we got a mail from our HA. I figured it was a new bill for our fees, as they were due in January and I forgot about them. But no, it's two 'complaint' papers. They claim that they came out to our property on Tuesday and Wednesday last week and found violations.

Claim 1 - 02/17/09

They claim our trash can was out / visible. The only problem here? We were gone for the weekend, and missed trash pickup Monday morning. Our trash can never left the garage last week! 

Claim 2 - 02/18/09

Apparently they came out 2 days in a row [yeah.. sure]. This time, they claim we have debris in our yard. They even specified it. There's nothing in our yard except a rake in the back and 2 potted plants [or the remains of them.. we had an aphid invasion late last year and moved them outside, then never brought them back in].

My husband tried to call them but no one answered. :| 

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