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I eat at Subway quite a bit. The one thing that bothers me about the service in Subway is when it comes to situations when more than one person is ordering a sandwich and there is only one person making them.

I usually end up being the person who has another person "piggyback" onto my order, but am rarely the person who gets to piggyback on someone else. As a person who eats there often on breaks from work (and often not as well) it bothers me as there is no rhyme or reason as to how the orders are taken. If a franchise chose to take one order at a time, then that is fine with me, but to have ordered and then wait until someone else has gotten their two footlong sandwiches made (an exampled that happpens quite often)...that I don't like.

I would really like it if a sandwich artist did one order at a time (as in make the sandwich and take the payment after), no matter how busy it was. I would rather wait the few mins if I was the person behind, than to order a sandwich and wait extra long for someone behind me to order. Since my orders are always so simple and take little effort, waiting for someone else to make up their mind really bothers me.

I hope this post makes sense....does anyone else agree/disagree with me?
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