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Luggage? What luggage?

Thanks a fucking lot, Air Canada.

Yes, I understand you had to unload half the plane's luggage because the bad weather meant the crappy little Turboprop needed more fuel and you had to get rid of weight somehow. That sucks for those of us whose luggage was left behind, but putting safety first is obviously not bad service.

No, bad service is not making some kind of announcement about it. This isn't a case of luggage mistakenly going missing, and needing to be found. You know what happened, you know why it happened, you knew it before we ever left the ground.
And yet, there was no announcement at boarding, none on the plane, and none at destination. Nobody met the confusedly milling passengers waiting for the conveyor belt to re-start. In fact, a random security guard not employed by Air Canada finally strolled over and told us that no, the conveyor belt wasn't having problems, the luggage wasn't here and we have to go to the airline counter to fill out claims.

There were two Air Can employees chilling behind their counters, solicitously asking every passenger where they had last seen their luggage, etc. Basically pretending that somehow all this luggage got individually lost, and would be delivered when and if it was found.
Not until a large number of passengers, realizing that the odds of this were pretty impossible, started challenging the fuckers behind the counter did we learn the truth. Of course they knew all along, they just weren't going to come out and say it. For whatever reason they felt it'd be better to pretend our luggage was lost, and Air Canada was doing its level best to find it.

I'm still fantasizing about punching that lying bastard in the face, damn it.

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