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Banking Woes

Ok this is a fun one. I'm a British citizen living in Canada. I still have my British bank account with NatWest.

The card I have now, I've had since August 2006, just before I moved out here to Canada. I was told, in order to change my address to the Canadian address I had to have a piece of ID from there...uh...ok...I'll leave my British address on it seeing as my Mom, step-Dad and (originally) my brother live there still.

Everything's fine until January of this year...over two years later. I had been taking money out of my British account when I needed it, not using it a whole lot...on average maybe once every 2-3 months.

At the beginning of January, I went to the ATM, got out $40 of Christmas money and went out for lunch. Two weeks later, I needed some money for bus tickets so I went to the same ATM. No good. Tried again. No good. Ok, no problem...I JUST about had enough for the tickets in my Canadian account (literally had about 70c extra) so I used that and hoped I'd be able to get my Mom (who works in banking with Couttes having worked at NatWest and been promoted) to let me know what was wrong with my card.

Three days later, talking to my Mom as usual, she tells me she has a letter saying that my card has been blocked for possible fradulent charges. Ok, I call up their fraud hotline, give them my details..."Sorry, I have to disconnect this call, that is not the information I have." Ok what?

So, I call my Mom back and say "uh...what?" and explain to her that they disconnected my call. She tells me that the letter came in her name. We figure out they've made a bit of a mistake somewhere and I call back with HER details. "Ok, what's the problem and how can I help?" I tell them to unblock the card, call my Mom back and she says "Make sure you check it."

About three days later, I try my card again...no luck. So THIS time I call my Mom and ask her to go into the branch and get it fixed (seeing as I'm 3000 miles or so away from her!). She goes in and APPARENTLY, although the card is in MY name, with links to MY bank account, it has been entered under HER Customer Identification Number. When she changed her accounts to her married name, it basically showed that my card was owned by someone in England.

So, when I tried to use it, it was flagged as fraud because she's in England. Never mind the fact that this hasn't been a problem for the last TWO YEARS...NOW it's a problem...
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