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I just want my freaking address changed!

TCF Bank suck...

When we got married, my husband and I opened a TCF bank account.  It was convenient for us because they are very common around here, and are open on Saturdays.  We opened it under our address, in town "A".  That was 3 years ago. 

Last July, we moved to town "J".  When we moved, my husband went to our online banking and changed our address.  According to everything we read, this was all we needed to do.  Our statements began coming to our new house, and we thought everything was good. 

In December, we realized we were low on checks.  When we went online to order new checks, the TCF website would put our old address on the checks, and wouldn't let us change it.  Frustrated, I stopped by the local branch.  When I explained the problem, the teller informed me that our address hadn't been changed at all.  I asked how we had been getting our statements.  She didn't know.  She assured me that she had now changed our address, and I went on my slightly disgruntled way. 

Last night, I was apparently pick pocketed at the grocery store.  Taken were my drivers license and my TCF check card.  Today I took my passport and other info into TCF to cancel my old card and order a new one, and to check and see if the card had been used, and put stops on any payments.  The first question out of the guy's mouth?  "You still live on Oldstreet in town "A"?" with a suspicious look because this bank is a hour from town "A" and I mentioned that I came from accross the street. 

I tried my best to contain myself (I was already upset about my ID and card being gone!).  Apparently, even though we're recieving statements and checks at our new address, with the new address printed on them, our address still shows up in their system as the old address. 

So amongst the paperwork involved in cancelling a card and getting a new one, and investigating fraud, I also have to change my mailing address and fill out that paperwork AGAIN.  He assured me it would be changed this time. 

So I called their hotline again this afternoon, because apparently the branches can't mark a card as stolen (!?), and the man asked me for my address.  When I gave it, he said it wasn't right.  I gave him the old one, which he said was right.  I explained the problem.  He assured me he would change it.  We'll see.   Oh, and it turned out that while I was at the branch, the teller ordered me a new card, but had not cancelled the card that was stolen. 

You stay classy, TCF. 

Who wants to put odds on whether the DMV is more or less helpful on Tuesday?
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