kastinkerbell (kastinkerbell) wrote in bad_service,

Oh, Hollywood Video....

We are not movie renting people. NetFlix would be a net-loss to us because we would never spend that much in any month on video rental, much less every month. However, it is sometimes handy to be able to check something out on occasion. Such was the case in December. We had watched excerpts of a movie in a class I was in and there was a heavily-weighted question on the final about it. In order to get an outstanding grade (and I did, btw), I wanted to watch the whole movie. So we went to Hollywood.

They had it. We rented it. It was so badly damaged (as in heat damaged, we're not talking scratches that could be buffed out), that our player couldn't read it. It was immediately returned and the card we paid with was credited.

Today we get a final notice that the movie was never returned and we owe something like $53. Pay now or get turned over to collections. The store is called and the matter is straightened out when they find the movie on the shelf.

So not only did they screw up the return of the movie, our one and only notice about the situation was "final" and two months later, AND the so-badly-damaged-it-can't-be-played-DVD is on the shelf for some other unknowing sap to go through the whole process again.

We're also not convinced that the matter actually has been taken care of. I'm certain a few more calls to various places will be required before this is over. Won't know for sure until next week because the final notice had a number that only is staffed Monday-Friday.
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