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My last entry wasn't very long ago, but here's the link just for reference:

NOW we've gone into the realm of Bad Service.
I'd like to update this right now, because being a Sunday night, and just being upset, I'd like to vent. But I won't post about it again until there's a resolution, so I don't clutter this poor community up.

Early this morning, an hour after Eyeglass World opened, my husband called them up to ask them to cancel the order. (he was the one who paid, so we thought we should have him talk to them.)
On the first phone call the guy, the same one who helped me on Dec. 31, said that there is absolutely no way that he can possibly cancel the order. At all. No way.

Well, then they got disconnected, and so my husband had to call back. Now the guy's (Brian) story has changed a little bit, and he says "He can only cancel the order once the lenses come in."

Alrighty then, so we drive down there with our receipt and ask him politely if he would write that on the receipt and sign and date it. He refuses to do that.

We talk to my parents for advice, as my dad is very good at dealing with stuff like this. After talking it over for a bit, my dad wants me to call Brian, and tell him that he's on speakerphone with me and my dad.

What we cannot, obviously, understand is why the order cannot be canceled at this point. It would be rather silly to wait until the lenses come in to cancel it, that's just a waste. (but we all know where this is going, and I'll go there in a minute.)

Brian gets huffy with us and accuses us of harassing him constantly. Ok, I know we're being frustrating customers, but he brought this on himself. By first off telling us there's NO WAY he can cancel the order, then changing his tune to some bogus sounding "we can't cancel until the lenses are here at our store." Which sounds ridiculous.

I also find it hard to believe that he ordered the glasses within the last hour of the day before a holiday. We are not so deep into this deal yet. See, my husband and I walked out of there 4:15 PM on Friday, Dec. 31. They closed that day at 5:00 PM. They were closed all day Jan. 1. They were open today, but there's no shipping services today.

So now I'm very nervous because more than likely, once the lenses do come in, I will now be charged with some sort of fee, be it a cancelation fee, a shipping and handling fee, or a re-stocking fee.
Brian claims that the lenses will be here around this Wednesday. (by the way, my dad pointed out that Brian merely said that he could cancel it then, he did not say that he WOULD cancel it then.)

My dad and I got the number for the regional manager, and we're talking to him tomorrow. (btw, I forgot to say that Brian claims to be the manager for this store.)

So... Eyeglass World first claimed there's no way to cancel an order. Then backpeddled and said that they can ONLY do it once the lenses are at their store, in their inventory, AND ALSO, Brian is claiming he has no authority or means to even give us a refund from his store.

Sure, there are different corporate policies that businesses decide to have. But this is all rather fishy sounding though, and I feel their policies are in place to screw the customer over.

(btw, when we were at the store today, an older gentleman was complaining that he was given the wrong glasses, and they were just saying "No we didn't.")


Oh, and the capper? We stupidly paid for this using our Visa Check Card, which after 30 minutes on the phone with the bank, yields us no recourse at the moment. Had we paid by check, we could put a stop payment on it. Had we paid by credit card, better idea, we could dispute this easier.
But MY bank says that the transaction has to go through first, then we can dispute it. (and it obviously has to be investigated and all that jazz.)

I made a promise to myself long ago to use a credit card for large purchases, and completely forgot about it. Crrraaaap. Now we're stuck. Well, for now.

Okay well, I'll update with how this all resolves, when it does. :(
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