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Prestige Taxi Sucks

This happened Sunday but I waited to post this because I wanted to give Prestige a chance to make things right before going off about how bad they are.

As part of a project for a class I'm in I ended up on the opposite side of town and needed to find my way back home. I called and got bus information but after searching for the bus stop in a very unfamiliar industrial area of town I decided to just get to a place that seemed easy to find and call a cab. I finally found a business that had a very open front parking lot and the address clearly displayed on the front which was right next to an intersection with obvious street and avenue signs. From here it'll be more of a timeline:

1:00- Called the cab, gave the address slowly and clearly reading directly from the building...repeated it at the request of the girl taking the call. I specifically did not use the abreviation of avenue because it can cause problems. 5-15 minute wait, which is normal.

1:30- Called again to ask about the cab. I'm told it was there at 1:18 and I wasn't so I asked which address. She had 131 street instead of avenue so I corrected her and was told that the address didn't exist. I assured her it did (the st. and ave. signs matched up with the address) and was asked to read the address off the building....so.I.did....AGAIN. Ok, 10 minutes.

1:52- Called AGAIN because this is getting ridiculous and I'm told he's about 5 minutes away.

2:02 (or 04?)- The cab shows up, driver was great, no complaints there.

Is it over? Is the bad service over yet? OH NO! No no no, it's not. I put in a complaint via their website and asked for a response which they say they will do their best to give within 2 business days. Monday was a stat. holiday so I didn't expect it until the latest Thursday. I called today at about 4 to see about getting some answers and the nice lady who took my call transferred me to a superviser....the phone rang and rang and rang and I left a message. I am not happy.

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