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Freaking doctors...

This is my third post concerning this office. Funnily enough, it's also the third time I've had Lyme disease. Maybe they just have a grudge against Lyme patients?

I don't have the energy to go and find the other two B_S posts about this place, but here are the teal dears:

First time, over three years ago, I go in with the classic bulls-eye. They say they're calling in the antibiotic prescription as I leave. Not only did they not call it in, they then closed for a week. To move. Without informing at least this patient. I had to find this out from their answering service, who then connected me to their back-up doctor, who called in my scrip. (Next time I made an appointment, I had to ask where they were now, since they never offered their new address.) Strike one.

Second time, I actually went to get my thyroid tested. I told the receptionist this when I made the appointment. Both the nurse AND the doctor asked about my thyroid meds, despite the fact that I was there to get tested and find out if I even needed any. They took my blood, then called back to say I tested positive for Lyme.
Me: But I've had it before, is it a new event, or just old antibodies or whatever showing up?
Doctor: Oh, you've had it before? (Uh, yeah. You were there? You have my chart?) Huh. Dunno. We'll let you know.
Couldn't get a hold of them for another two weeks, so I'd had it for at least a month before going on the antibiotics. Strike two.

This third's in my personal journal, if you care to look, but it's a novel.
Short and sweet version: The nurse practitioner that saw me made a typo when ordering my prescription, so the instructions read "Take 2 twice daily" instead of "Take 1 twice daily." That's twice the amount of medication needed. Twice a day.

I understand typos, but I don't understand not double- or even triple-checking them, especially when it's for a powerful antibiotic. I also don't understand not checking or changing when the pharmacy itself calls to question the dosage. I had to call and ask why I only had enough for half the time she said I'd be taking it before she realized her mistake. What if I had decided to just call and ask for a refill when I was done with the bottle? Not to mention that I had to call twice before finally talking to her--these people are just AWFUL with communication.

There were other issues, but that was the biggie. She gave instructions for me to take an overdose on a daily basis, and would have never noticed her mistake if I hadn't called in. I'm pissed. And I'm getting a new doctor.

Since I got the scrip after office hours, I took the first (over)dose, with the plan to call the next morning. I then got hit with an awful cold--it seriously went from sore throat to bad chills in a matter of hours. I can't help but wonder if taking a mega dose of a medicine that kills both bad AND good bacteria made it that much easier for the cold to take over? Any ideas on that, oh helpful B_S readers?
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