Shelly (lilbit6180) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy Annoyance

A little Suck but it's big to me..

Yesterday I decided to treat myself with my tax return and bought the Guitar Hero World Tour band Kit for my Wii ..
I purchased it online to be picked up at the store by my work. Go there with no problems pick it up, bring it home and go to put it together and I notice the drum kit is for Xbox and not the Wii ..
O.K., must have been a manufacturer error, so I call them up let them know what the problem is and the girl on the phone tells me to just bring in the drum kit and they will swap it out for a new one. I ask twice " I just need to bring in the drums not the whole kit" and she says twice, just the drums.
So I pack the drums back up in the box bring the huge box with me to work, go to best buy on my lunch break to swap it out and they then inform me I need the whole kit! I told them the girl told me just to bring the drums, and they refuse to do the return unless I have the full kit. If I did not ask her twice if I needed the full kit or just the drums it may not have been such a big deal to me, but $189 is alot for me to spend and darn it I want to play the drums! :O) ..

I know its not a huge deal but this misinformation I was giving prevents me from playing $189 product that I just bought! Lesson I learned from this : always get the person's name you spoke to..Unfortantly I did not..
Tags: electronics store
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