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First post-- Checkers

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I went to Checker’s for a late dinner. It was around 10:30pm, so we went up to the speaker at drive-thru. We don't usually go there, so we weren't certain when they closed.

The first thing we asked was, “What time do you close tonight?” The guy says “Midnight”. We think okay, cool. My mom has a nervous condition, so it is sometimes difficult for her to order or do things quickly, so I yelled “We’ll just need a minute” so we could figure out what we wanted.

After about 30 seconds, the guy says “Are you gonna order at 11:55?!?!” My mom didn’t understand what he said, but I most certainly did. I was SO pissed. How dare he say something so rude?

After another 30 seconds, at most, we said we were ready.
Mom: I’d like a Big Buford combo with a diet soda, and uh… (she pauses to look at me, cos she forgot what I wanted)
Guy: So that’s a number 6 with a sprite?
My mom looks at me again, confused. A number 6 is a chicken meal. And she asked for a diet soda, i.e. a Diet Coke. It seems obvious to me that he was purposely trying to mess with her, especially since we could hear laughing in the background the whole time.
My mom got mad when she heard him laughing, so she asked for the manager to take her order. When we pulled around, the “manager” (who looked the same age as the kid who took our order) said he was very sorry, and that he had gotten several complaints about him, and that he was going to be fired. Now I’m not so sure if I believe that. But this was the rudest person I have EVER come across in service, ever.
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