missingsigns (missingsigns) wrote in bad_service,

Charter... where is my bill?

Since my fiance and I have moved into our house last April, we have gotten exactly two bills from Charter, our cable company. For the first two months. And then they stopped.

We have called every single month, and they keep promising to mail it to us (along with the others they have never sent). At one point, they had our address in the system incorrect, and we got it fixed (although I can't see how they were able to mail us the first two bills with an incorrect address). But even after that, we've called to clarify that they fixed it, and still--no bill.

They've threatened to cut us off a couple of times because at one point in December, we got fed up trying to keep up with what we owed with no bill, and called and told them that we weren't going to pay any more until we saw an actual, itemized bill. My fiance caved and paid them.

Their place in town says they don't have any way to get us our bill; we've stopped by and tried (they're actually pretty useless--they just refer us to the customer-service line if we need anything other than for them to take our money). They won't set us up with an account online unless we pay an obscene monthly fee. I am so frustrated. I've tried being nice. I've tried being mean. I've tried bargaining. I've tried begging. Every time, they promise they'll send it to us. And yet, it has been nine months since we've seen any indication of what they're charging us and why. Is there any way I can get them to send me my bill? I don't mind paying them if I know what I'm paying for!
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