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let me tell you a story...

In which Christina has to deal with VW...who obviously thinks she's stupid because her car won't start...

I'll start with this morning, because that's when it all began. Most of you know about my car battery problem about a week or so ago. (If not, check out my most current voice post, basically, car battery died and had to be jumped...but I tell it so vividly!) Anyway, this morning, it starts with the, "oh, I'm not sure I wanna work" thing again. Instead of risking it and taking it to work...I call in and take it to Walmart to get a new battery. Okay, I've had nothing but excellent service at our Walmart Auto Center. So, I'm thinking, this is going to be no problem right? WRONG. Okay, so they change the battery and call me back to the auto center. Turns out, my car is NOT ready. It WON'T start. So, what starts as an hour late to work, turns into a couple hours. We toy with it, still won't go. I called VW and they gave me some BS about how I MUST MUST MUST bring it to VW to change the battery. How dare I take it somewhere else, didn't I know that ONLY VW can change a VW battery? They have to do SUPER SPECIAL stuff to EVERY system in the car when they change it, so it's a dealer only thing. Um...okay...read the manual and it gave me instructions on how to change the battery. Nothing about SUPER SPECIAL stuff other than reseting your radio afterwards...which is a User Level thing. So, if ONLY the dealer can do it, why does the manual give me instructions on how to do it rather than saying I need to bring it into the dealer? Back to the car. Something is majorly wrong. After toying with three different batteries and quite a few attempts at jumping it, the damn thing won't work. They put the old battery back and say that they aren't going to charge me. The guy tells me it sounds like my starter is jacked up and something was draining the battery, because the battery I had to begin with was practically new. We can't get it to go, so I have to have it towed to VW as at this point, it's more than just a battery problem and I can't even get it to start to where I can MOVE the damn thing..

Okay, let me tell you about THOSE fucking Nazi's. I called them and told them my situation. The guy on the phone said they have a tow company they contract with and that he'll call me back in ten minutes to give me an estimate. Fine. I'm already thinking a couple hundred because it's a couple cities away. So, politely (I don't know WHY I was still pleasant with them at this point), I said, "Okay" and verified my number. What the hell, there was stuff on my car that needed to be fixed anyway, so if it has to go in, might as well just get it there now. So, my mom and I went into Walmart and walked around for a bit, now I'm about three hours late for work. (I did make a point in calling and updating them of the situation, because I was almost certain this ONE HOUR job was going to take all day). About twenty minutes go by and we still haven't heard from VW. So, being the pain in the ass I am, I call them up. I tell them what the guy told me and this NEW guy wants to know who I talked to, because they don't HAVE a contract tow company and they CERTAINLY don't get estimates on tows for people. He can give me recommendations for companies, but that's it. I said, "No thank you" and hung up. At this point, I am livid.

Lucky for me, I work at a police station and I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner. WE have contract tow companies that we work with. I dialed the first number I recalled in my head and they were very awesome and sweet to me. I let them know the situation and asked for an estimate...they told me 85 bucks and that's exactly how much they charged me. I was told my several people for the distance they went, that was a good deal. I thought it was too, even though I have no experience with tow companies other than the fact that they tow cars for the deputies and give us the info so we can put it into the system.

Anyway, they tow the car down to the Stealership (who I know will charge me my firstborn for anything not under warranty) and I realize I never officially made an appointment with them. Fuck. My mom said, "too bad, they'll take your car and they'll like it)

The ONLY redeeming factor in VW's favor is the service guy who took my car in. He was very sweet and polite and apologized for any misconceptions. He also gave me his direct line and told me "If you need to bypass the cashier's, and believe me, you want to, this is my number"...which leads me to believe that the idiots I talked to were cashiers who obviously have no clue what they're talking about. I mean, honestly, if you worked for a place that recieves cars that are on tow trucks, wouldn't you KNOW if you had a contracted tow company or not?

So, the good, Walmart. They were very nice and tried their damndest to get the car running even though, as I found out later, it never would have started. (VW called me later and told me EXACTLY what happened, it was something with the starter...NOTHING to do with changing the battery) Kudos to the service guy for excellent service.

BOO to the idiots who answered the phones at VW and treated me like I was a moron who didn't know what I was talking about. THEN, to give me information that was COMPLETELY false. Not just, "oops...little bit of mis-info there" but MAJOR things. Had we been dumb and waited for Mr. "I'll-call-you-back" to call, we'd still be waiting.

Anyway, after that, my mom took me to Arby's, I ate lunch and then I went to work. Needless to say, work was MUCH more fun than the five hours (yes, I was a grand total of five hours late) I spent playing the game with VW.
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