mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Did I kill your cat or something?

Just a short little irk - I was at a fairly uncrowded restaurant a few days ago. The waitress went to the table next to mine and got 7 drink orders I assume she memorized as I don't recall her writing anything at that point and put them in, then came back to me.

I already knew what I wanted to order, she came and asked what I wanted to drink and I said "I'd like a water and a bean nachos" to which she replied "I just asked for your drink order not your food order" then she walked off, cleaned a couple of tables, went and got my water about a minute later, came back and asked what I wanted to eat and I repeated that I wanted the bean nachos. She turned around to put the order in but before she could the cook handed her the nachos because he was near me when I originally asked for 'em.

Seriously though, don't bite my head off for trying to save you the waitress dance of taking my order for drinks, coming back with drinks, asking me whether I was ready to order, potentially coming back again in a minute if I was indecisive, then taking my order and putting it in, then coming back to get my order and deliver it to me a couple of minutes later.
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