Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

6000 people, and 2 on livejournal, what are the odds?

I went to the same con as the person below, but this is about the hotel staff. I understand this isn't the worst service in the world, but it really annoyed me.

It was really late on saturday night, and I wanted more hotel cups. We had been there since friday afternoon and the hotel maids hadn't cleaned our room, so it was rather reasonable that we would have run out. I went to the front desk to ask there since I didn't want people woken up at our room, and they had me call the room service number. When I asked for cups the lady started giving me the 3rd degree, asking why she couldn't come to my room and she actually asked why we needed more! She then told me she'd be right up. 10 minutes later, no sign of her, so me and my friend went to sit at the bar which is only sectioned off with a railing, so we had full view of the entire desk area and never took our eyes off it. 20 minutes later and nobody showed up so we ended up going back to our room.

I understand that the maids need to be cleaning the lobby areas overnight and with a con they were rather busy, but I don't want to have to wait 30 minutes for some plastic cups only for nobody to show up. I also know I could have waited longer, but I was exhausted.
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