laurafreak (laurafreak) wrote in bad_service,

A little bit of bad service...

I used to work at a store across from a Verizon kiosk and witnessed all the time. And now I'm a Verizon customer and went there to show them a paystub to get a discount and change my plan and it happened to me.

I know Verizons thing is cell phones. But is it completely appropriate for the employees there to constantly be on their personal cell phones? I had one guy helping me and in the middle of doing stuff on his computer for me, he answers his cell phone, says a few things and then tells the person to hold. He finishes the first thing I need done, and then calls the other employee over to do the 2nd thing because he has to take this call. So he steps outside of the kiosk and is a few feet behind me and from what I hear, its just your average personal call..."whats up, are you coming tonight, blah blah blah". Then, the 2nd guy in the middle of helping me whips out his phone and starts texting. WTF.

And some silly bad service at FYE. I handed the employee my debit card, to be used as credit to pay for my things and he IDs me. No problem. I whip out my ID and hand it to him. The picture is about 5 years old, I used to wear my hair curly and wore dorky glasses. Now I wear contacts and straighten my hair. And the kid says "You look so much better with glasses". Thanks. Thanks for hinting to me I'm so hideous now :P
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