--POP--OPERA-- (pop_opera) wrote in bad_service,

This really pissed me off

So at work today four of my coworkers and I decided it would be a good idea to order a pizza from our local pizza place. And we didn't even need to get it delivered, because my coworker/best friend/exboyfriend was willing to go pick it up in lieu of his 30 minute lunch. So we have this coupon that says "BUY ONE LARGE OR EXTRA LARGE PIZZA AND GET ONE FREE CHEESE PIZZA". Everyone has cash but me, so I decide I'll put it on my card and everyone can give me the cash. So I call the place to make the order.

The pizza place answers the phone and I tell them what we want, along with the fact that we have the coupon. The guy on taking the order is having some difficult time entering this information into the computer, because he can't find the coupon button. That's fine, I work retail, I know it's hard to always know how to do everything, so I'm patient.

OK, he finds it. I ask him if it's possible if I pay with my credit card over the phone, because I know you're able to do that for deliveries. He said that he couldn't do that, I would need to pay when we picked it up. Fine. I tell him Alex (coworker, et al) will be picking up the order, but I was wondering if I would be able to allow him to use my credit card (since you know, some places don't ID. And don't get me wrong, I'm not wanking about that, I check IDs with all credit cards as per company policy, which is why I asking what their policy was). The guy on the phone says that'd be fine, they don't ID with credit cards anyway. So cool. The guy hangs up before he can tell me how long it's gonna be til we need to pick up the pizza.

Twenty minutes later Alex takes my card and goes to pick up the pizza. But wait! They lost our order and so he had to reorder and whatnot So his lunch break is spent sitting there waiting for them to make our order that should have been done. So as Alex is paying they won't process the card because his ID doesn't match my credit card (obviously). So he calls me up and with me on one line and him communicating what the pizza girl is saying, they would NEVER tell someone they could use someone else's card and which of their employees was I talking to? Well shit, I don't remember. It was a guy, that's it. I don't remember the name of everyone working in a restaurant or a store I talk to over the phone!

So he had to go to the ATM across the street, use my pin, get the money and pay.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do understand the value of security and credit cards. But I made sure to ask about their policy prior to all of this happening. And had I known it would have been an issue I would have went and gotten the pizza on my own, but having one employee tell me one policy and another employee enacting a different one, I don't care which policy is right, you're still not giving me the right message.

So nearly an hour later we finally get our pizza.
I don't think I'll be going to that pizza place for a long time.

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