Smart Aleck (wiseacre) wrote in bad_service,
Smart Aleck

I can live with Pizza Pizza

I like pizza a lot. For the last 10 years I've lived in countries where you can't get good pizza. I'm happy now to be back in Toronto. One night, quite late, I decided to order pizza from my favourite pizza chain, Pizzaville. I went online to check the hours and menu because I didn't have a paper menu. I saw that it closed at midnight and it was about 10 to midnight at that time. I decided to just order online (there was no phone in in the room, as we had just moved in--DSL, yes, actual phone, no). My order was completed at 11:55 pm. I have a confirmation e-mail saying so. About midnight the local outlet calls me and tells me it is two minutes after twelve and they can't do the order because they are closed. I tell her my order was placed at and confirmed at 11:55. She then said that the central processing office, where such orders are received, fax the orders to the store and, since they didn't get it until two minutes after 12, they weren't going to give me any pizza.

Now since I was still in the room without a phone, my wife had answered the call, spoken briefly with the women and brought the cordless handset into the room for me to talk to her. At this time, I looked at the time and it was 12:02. It couldn't have been any later than midnight when they called me, meaning they certainly did get my order before midnight.

She didn't sound the least bit concerned about turning away a pizza-loving customer. When I told her "Well, I'm sure Pizza Pizza will be happy to have my money," she was, of course, unconcerned.

Pizza Pizza was, indeed, happy to take my money and give me pizza. Since this happened, I have spent about $150 at Pizza Pizza over two months or so. Pizzaville has not gotten a dime and never will.

Pizzaville did send me an e-mail asking me how the pizza was and the whole online process. I related my tale of woe on the form and asked for someone to tell my why I should ever buy from them agin. There has, of course, been no response.

I'm sure some smart-ass will try to say I have no business ordering that close to closing, but to Hell with that. Closing means when they stop taking orders. If you want to stop taking orders at 11:30 so you can all leave bang on 12, say you close at 11:30. I've been to sit-down restaurants that post a closing time (say, 11:00) and a time for the last order (say, 10:30 or 10:45). If I miss last-order, I don't complain because it's explicitly stated.
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