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Bad Service at the Panda Inn on Bethel Rd, Columbus OH

Don't go to this place if you don't want to be strong armed!

My boyfriend and I went to this Panda Inn on Tuesday for dinner. We sat down and were never asked for a drink order. We then ordered and when the food came out, the waiter brought him white rice instead of the fried I had requested. He also had no pacing on the food and brought out the dinner at the same time as the appetizer. The food tasted OK, better than most Chinese fast food, but not as good as several other Chinese restaurants such as China Dynasty, Happy Dragon, Hunan Lion, or Hunan House. (Not that food taste matters to tipping.) At the end of the meal the waiter didn't ask us if we wanted anything else (I was thinking of trying one of their sweet drinks as a desert) but instead just threw the bill down on the table and disappeared. The waiter was obviously just phoning in his job that night. Because of the mediocre service we discussed it and my boyfriend left what we both thought was a generous tip all things considered of 10%.

As we got up to leave, the waiter came over to our table and told him that he needed to leave more of a tip, that 15% was standard!

My boyfriend asked to see a manger and tried not to disrupt the other patrons. He took the manager to the side and explained what was going on. Instead of agreeing that the behavior was unacceptable, the manager asked us how the food tasted (again that doesn't matter to my tip amount one way or the other) and then AGREED that we should have left more of a tip! My boyfriend politely but firmly explained that tips are not required, that he would not change my tip amount, and that we would never return to that restaurant again.

Our only regret is that we were both so blindsided we forgot to wipe out the tip amount completely.
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