Rakish Ragabash (teacup_werewolf) wrote in bad_service,
Rakish Ragabash

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Damnit Arbys!

Normally I get good service from Arbys, but today after me and the hubby we're moving all our stuff to the new apartment and we decided to reward ourselves by getting Arbys while we break for a bit.

Long story made short: Hubby orders a beef and cheddar and mozzerala sticks I get a jamocha shake and jalpeno bites. Hubby has his food, I get some potato thing and my shake. Where are my goddamn jalpeno bites!?

-.- Hubby refuses to go back to exchange so I am left with the shake. Cue pouting and sulking upstairs. Moving is stressfull as is, I just want my jalapeno bites.
Tags: *fast food
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