0bazooka0 (0bazooka0) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Vendor Service

I work in a plumbing fixtures showroom. The way the chain of command works is this. You come in, see something pretty, and tell us you want it. We send an order off to the company that makes the product and they ship it to us. If you don't like it or it's damaged, we send it back to the company, they credit what we paid for it back to us and we give you your money back. Simple? Should be.

A customer of ours recently placed a large order and it all showed up damaged. All of the fixtures had scuff markes on them. I wrote up an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and faxed it to the company. A lady who worked at the company called me back and asked if I needed replacements of all the products, I told her yes.

Fast forward two weeks. The damaged product is still here because I haven't recieved an RMA. I usually give companies a grace period before hounding them because they typically have one person taking care of all the returns and it can get busy, but it had been long enough. I called the woman, who we'll call K back and asked her where my RMA was. She told me she would send it right away. She did, for one handshower. I called her back and told her I needed an RMA for all of the products I had circled on my fax. She told me it would be here the next day. Two days later I still haven't seen it. I call her again and she tells me it will be here the next day.

Now I'm starting to get frustrated and my manager is really frustrated. Finally this morning I call her again to ask where the RMA was. She tells me she spoke with the original sales person, E, and that it's being sent today. E comes storming up to my desk and tells me that K told him that we never requested the product to be resent.

I don't know if she's lying or honestly stupid, but we got in contact with her boss and I got the RMA in less than an hour.

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