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Update to my post last night:

I called the SSO first thing this morning to check her info again and make sure she wasn't issued 2 numbers. After making sure she had one and the info was correct, it was time to call the IRS again.

This time, the rep was a bit more helpful. He actually went through and verified my info so he could tell me exactly why it was being rejected. According to him, my daughter's name wasn't in the IRS's master file. The number was, but the name wasn't. I was told to call the SSO and tell them this.

So I call the SSO again. They tell me, once again, that the IRS should have her info and that they do not update the IRS, the IRS does it themselves.

So back to the IRS I go. This time I got a different rep. I go through verifying my information again. This time? She's in the fucking computer and has been since yesterday! Her fucking information was in there when the 1st rep looked this morning!

Grr. I'm just happy it is resolved. Thankfully my bosses are wicked understanding and let me be on the phone for oh...about 3 1/2 hours today. I would have asked to speak to the first rep that told me she wasn't in the computer (I have his name and ID number written down), but I was supposed to be in a webinar.

And yes, the tax person called me a couple of hours ago and told me that the IRS accepted the return this time.
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