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This maybe isn't quite bad service, but more of bad practice. Still stupid though.
Back in June, I tried to get new glasses. Didn't get them, and I posted about the bad experience here.

Now I have holiday money, and I'm trying to get new glasses again. I went to Eyeglass World. They're all about: Buy One Pair of Eyeglasses, Get One Pair Free + A Free Dr's Exam!
Yay! I'm so excited. Har har.

Anyways, so the service there wasn't that bad, one of the workers kind of hovered more than I like, but that's fine. Here's the catch.

I'm splurging and treating myself to titanium frames, and featherweight transistion lenses. And I figure, heck, with the Buy One deal... I'll get two naturally!

Oh sure, I got one of the frames for "free", but then I have to pay for the lenses on both pairs.
And here's where we're getting to the Bad Practice... I have to pay for 3 pairs of lenses! That's right. I'm being charged for the basic plastic lenses first, next the basic polycarb lenses which is an upgrade, and FINALLY the featherweight transistion lenses, another upgrade. ON BOTH PAIRS OF GLASSES. The grand total was $600.

I'm just in shock about this. I even asked the dude about this, and he started to say "Yeah, it like like being double charged" and then trailed off because he caught himself saying that.
I can certainly understand paying for an upgrade, but to pay for 2 other lenses you aren't even getting? C'MON!

My eyes were dialated and I was having a raging headache, and my husband was just wanting me to get the glasses already so he talked me into it, but I am canceling this order ASAP.
And now that I know what to look out for... I hope to find a MUCH better deal elsewhere.
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