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Rude clerk x.x

Okay, so I've been watching this community for a while and decided to add my own little story about something that ticked me off immensely.

Recently, my mum and I left town and went to stay with my grandparents in a much larger city than ours. Anyway, we decide to go and look around the shopping centres, as they have a far larger range than our own. So we trek around the stores for maybe an hour when we come across a store that my mum loves that we don't have in our home town. So in we go, to have a nose around. My grandma asked if we could pay a bill at the store we're currently in, so mum spots a service desk and heads over to it with me following. There's a clerk nearby, standing around, CLEARLY not doing any work at all. She spots us standing at the desk and immediately decides that, "Oh, she'd better start fiddling with these clothing racks." Mum and I exchange a glance but say nothing and wait patiently for her to come over. Well, she continues playing around with the clothing racks and occassionally glances over at Mum and I for about 15 minutes, so she knows we are there, waiting for someone to come over. There is no other clerk or desk around! Eventually Mum gets tired of waiting for her to stop lazing around, so she calls out "Excuse me?" to the clerk. The clerk glances at us, sighs loudly and adjusts the clothing, then s l o w l y wanders over. When she reaches the desk, she puts on a right old show, tossing her hair dramatically and asking rather bluntly, "Yes?" My Mum asks her if we can pay this bill. She stares at it for a second, smirks and replies, "No, you'll have to do it over there." Mum thanks her and we head off in the direction she pointed out, both silently fuming but too polite to throw a tantrum, as we both know whiny customers are a pain in the rear. When we left the store, we both started bitching about the behaviour of the clerk.

I mean, honestly people! Just because you work in an expensive store dosen't give you the right to treat customers like garbage and completely ignore them!
Tags: disbelieving horde demands proof, it's only bad service if you die, omg this like totes happened you guys!, this can only end in beers
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