Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

I'm about ready to pull my hair out!!!

I'm not 100% sure this qualifies as bad service...but someone is giving me the run around and I'm pissed!

12/16/08 - New baby (see icon)
12/17/08 - file for social security card
1/23/09 - check into card status, hasn't been issued
2/2/09 - return to social security office as instructed, refile for card
2/9/09 - get daughter's number, go file taxes
2/10/09 - IRS rejects e-file, stating that there is a mismatch regarding my daughter's social security number

I call the social security office (SSO) to double check my daughter's info in their system. I give the rep the number, she verifies it, name, and birth date. Everything on their end is right.

I check my tax papers (husband wanted "professionals" to do it because we also bought a house in 2008) and her number and name are right on there.

So I call the IRS. Rep at the IRS tells me that since it had only been 7 business days since I filed for her number, the SSO must not have "transmitted it to their computers because they only send an update with new social security numbers every so often so the IRS just must not have it yet." o_O That's the same fucking thing my tax preparer said..."your daughter's number is so new, the IRS must not have it yet".

IRS tells me to call SSO and find out when they will be "transmitting their next batch of numbers" and that should give me an idea of when I can file.

Again I go, o_O

So I call the SSO again. Rep with the SSO asks me what the fuck I'm talking about, but nicer. I tell her again what the rep with the IRS told me and the SSO rep says she has no idea what the hell the IRS person is thinking because that's not how it is done. She says if the SSO has her number, the IRS has it because they verify numbers with the SSO. She said that she has made corrections for people and they've been able to e-file their taxes 24 hours later after the changes take effect.

For good measure, the SSO rep confirms my daughter's information again.

So I go back to my tax person. I tell her what the SSO rep told me and I ask her to submit our taxes again, that it could have just been a glitch. This was around 2:00 this afternoon.

She just called (8:00 now)..the IRS rejected again, sighting a mismatch between their information and Social Security's info.

The only "mismatch" I can think of would be birth date. She put on there that my daughter lived with us for 12 months (she only put in the year for the birth date), when in all reality, we had her for 1/2 a month.

Arg! So tomorrow I have to spend the morning talking to the IRS and Social Security to get this straightened out because I need my freaking tax refund!
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