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WTF service at Jack in the Box

So today me and my mom went to Jack in the Box.  We went through the drive through and made a pretty simple order: a large grilled chicken strips combo with curly fries and coke and a mango smoothie.  The lady takes our order, and we pull up and pay, but then the lady asks us, "Did you order grilled chicken or crispy chicken?"  I was thinking she probably couldn't hear us over the speaker, so I told her I said grilled chicken.  This will be important later.

When the lady hands us the bag, I ask for some ranch to go with my chicken strips, and the lady tell me, "We charge for them now; 27 cents."  I know that fast food places only charge for sauces if you don't get chicken strips or something like that, but my mom, who doesn't enjoy confrontation, forked over 27 cents before I could say anything.  Darn you mother.

Afterwards, my mother pulled into a parking spot so I could check my food, and instead of chicken, my box if full of macaroni bites, jalepeno poppers and chicken wings; obviously not anything close to grilled chicken strips, so my mom parked the car and I went inside to get my order fixed.  I had to wait a little bit, but I didn't mind because the lady and another employee were busy with drive thru.  The same lady came the register, and I showed her the box and told her I ordered a large number 14 and got a box full of surprises.  The lady threw the food away and went  to tell the guy at the grill my order, but before she told him anything, she turned around and asked me, "IS the number 14 the grilled chicken or the crispy chicken?"

Seriously?  You'd think if you worked there, you would know the menu.  I told her grilled chicken, and she told the cook to make a four piece grilled chicken, in which I had to lean over the counter and say a large combo came with six pieces of chicken, not four.  Upon further inspection of my receipt, she had charge me for a number 12, which is crispy chicken, but I didn't raise a stink because the two combos are the same price.  I ended up getting the correct order, but I shouldn't have to coach an employee through the process when she could've looked up at the menu herself.  That on top of getting charged for something I should not have been charged for didn't make the experience any more enjoyable, but I'm not about to throw a fit over 27 cents. (If anyone works at JITB, are they now charging for sauces no matter what now?  I've never been charged for sauce there before.) Overall, WTF service to end my day.  Whoopee.
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