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Hotel for Dogs Movie Suck

I am the mother of a 5-year-old little girl who is also Autistic. I went to the local website for the Autism Society for my state, and saw that there were 3 theaters showing Hotel for Dogs as a "Sensory Friendly Film" meaning the lights were completely up (all bright - not even half off), there'd be no previews of any other movie (the movie would start at exactly 10 AM) and the "Silence is Golden" rule would not be in effect for this particular theater seating.

I decided to go to the theater that was closest to our house. Husband, myself & daughter went up to the box office. Husband wanted to see "Taken". (He said it was excellent). I requested two tickets to the Sensory Friendly film version of "Hotel for Dogs". We got our tickets and got stuff to eat and drink. Then husband & I parted ways.

Well, the auditorium we were sent to was the 10 AM showing of "Hotel for Dogs" regular version. The lights were down and my daughter had a death grip on my hand. We quickly picked seats closest to the exit. We sat through the previews and probably about the first 20 minutes of the film before I had to give up and take daughter out of the theater as she kept talking and trying to play musical theater chairs.

Afterwards, I went to the box office talked to the Head Cashier and an assistant manager. Turns out there were two showings of "Hotel for Dogs" in Auditoriums 4 & 5. The showing I wanted was in Auditorium 4. (I was sent to Auditorium 5 even though I asked for the special showing). The assistant manager did apologize. I got 3 free passes for future use and the assistant manager said he'd talk to his cashiers.

I really want to start taking my daughter to these special movie dates. The same theater has the special showing of "Race to Witch Mountain" in March. I'm hesitant of going, but I'm thinking of printing out the webpage information and asking for an assistant manager before I buy the tickets. I'm just wondering though: Is that overkill asking for the assistant manager to make sure I get into the right theater this time?

ETA: I do admit I was grateful that the Assistant Manager did come and speak with me and gave me the passes (which I did not ask for btw). What sucked for me is that they didn't let their cashiers know about the special screening nor did they instruct them what to do if someone asked for that particular showing.
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