Ezlet (ezlet) wrote in bad_service,

Upselling Oranges, maybe?

A mild case of wtf_service here:

The hubby, toddler & I ran some errands last night that included going out to eat and ended with grocery shopping at WalMart. 2 hours & a cartload later, we find ourselves at a check-out lane with a nice-seeming older lady working the register. Change to script format:

her: *scanscanscan*
me: *digging through purse for wallet, realize its missing suddenly and terrified it was left at the eatery*
her: Your total is $191.00
me: (to hubby in a slightly frantic tone) Did you take my wallet?
him: No... *checks pocket*... oh wait, I have it.
me: *huge sigh as I pull out cash to pay*
her: *laughs* Are you going to beat him?
me: *chuckes* Nawww... he just had a habit of pocketing my wallet
her: Well, if you're going to beat him just make sure you don't do it in front of the cameras.
me: *hands over money*
her: You know, because we have places in this store where the cameras don't see... so you'll have to do it there.
me: *receives change back*
her: You may want to try using a sack of oranges.... won't leave any marks.... though it may give him some interal injuries.
me: . . . . 0.o

I think I was a bit too baffled to actually say anything to her.. because, I mean, who really expects their cashier to recommend good spouse abuse tools? I'd like to think that she was just joking the whole time, but just took it a bit too far. However, just the fact that its all funny to joke about abusing your husband irritates me. If it had been a male cashier telling some guy how to beat his wife, people would probably be calling security.

I'm so glad my daughter is only 2 and can't alwasy speak coherently, since she was sitting there in the cart. The last thing I need is for her to run around telling people that Mommy beats Daddy with oranges, lol.

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