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Grr!! (Or, I am the only person to have ever gotten married)

Okay TCF bank can bite me. I have been trying for two months now to change my name and it has just be a pain in the butt every step of the way.

December- I go in with my marriage license, updated Drivers License and Soc. Security cards and a cheerful attitude. We tell the lady we want to change my name from Siani MaidenName to Siani NewName, and also add my name to the savings account which is currently in my husband & father-in-law's names (since he opened it originally as a minor). They say the name change can go through, but we need Dad's signa tures to put through the forms for the savings account. They tell me my new card may be a bit delayed for the holidays. Okay, that's all good, we wait.

January Well Christmas AND New Year's had come and gone and I had still heard no word that my card was on the way. I suspect hijinks. We return to the bank with marriage license, drivers license and soc. security in tow, as well as the forms to add me to the savings account. Since that wasn't an urgent problem we hadn't hurried about returning them. Lady at the bank tells us this time that the savings account addition (the form we DIDN'T turn in with Dad's supposedly required signatures) has gone through, but they never changed my name or issued a new card. I fill out all the paperwork again. Lady says she can't do it today, she's in next on Wednesday, she'll file it all then. Okay! These things happen. We leave the bank feeling unconcerned.

Thursday rolls around. The in-laws call us, saying the bank has called THEM about a change-of-address request to their address in HusbandsHomeTown. We never requested any address change, and moreover why are they calling Dad who is a secondary account holder on only one of the accounts, rather that my Husband, who is the primary on both or me since I also appear on both accounts? Who knows, it is a mystery. Husband calls them and tells them not to fiddle with our address, thank you.

February after a week and a half with a deactivated card (Lady quoted me 3-4 days) at last my new card comes! Joy! I can put gas in my car! I open up the envelope and pull out a shiny new check card... the name of Siani MaidenName. I think Charlie Brown said it best when he said, "AAUGH!!!"

So now I've called TCF again, told my whole story after verifying the account number, my soc sec, Husband's soc security, what branch we originally opened the account at (wtf?), my old name and my new name, and the lady on the phone (who was very helpful and thus I tried hard not to sound to frustrated) SWEARS that this time she has issued me another new card, in the name of Siani NewName and that I will get said card in 7-9 days.

I'll believe it when I see it. *sigh*
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