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I wasn't going to post this, but the more I thought about, the more irritated I became.

  I went out looking for a new IPod Nano in January ( I still have the original edition and it's finally dying out on me). I use it for my running and working out (part of my job as a soldier), and it's also very nice when you need a little comfort of home and time to cope with your surroundings (see: field and deployment). I'd gone to a few places looking at colors and prices. I decided to use Sears. Turns out they didn't have any, at all, in when I went. I was offered a chance to order one from them. It wouldn't be in until February 6th, but I figured what the hell. At least it's the color I want and they'll have it for me to pick up. Working with things being shipped to my apartment? Does not work. I'm rarely ever there and I hate having my personal items shipped to the hospital on post (where I work). Everything seems awesome, right? I paid in full and have my receipt. I'll be back to get the item when it comes in.

 So, I head on to Sears after my shift (twelve hours), still in uniform and very, very exhausted. I'm waiting for the guy to get my item after scanning my receipt. He comes out after a while and states: " I have good news and bad news. " Probably the last thing I ever wanted to hear after my two weeks of hell. They have iPods in now, but they <i>do not have the one that I specifically ordered.</i> It seems that someone from the sales floor must have "noticed that we had a blue one back here" and went and sold that one to someone else. Why didn't they know it was the specific item I ordered? They don't label their orders. What? You're serious? The item I specifically ordered was sold to someone else? The one I already paid for? In full? You're joking, right? No. He's not. Wow. 

 A manager was lurking nearby and came over to assist. That's nice and all, but the only options I have now are take a different color (completely different barcode than the item I ordered), or reorder. That's it? That's all you have after you sold the item I ordered and paid for to someone else? No care or concern at all? I could only stare at them for a minute. The only thing I had to say was: " So, you're telling me that after I ordered and paid for an item, you sold it to someone else? You do realize I could have ordered this from AAFES, gotten the exact color I wanted, had it shipped faster, and it would have been exactly what I ordered? " Any apologies? Not really. Just: "What can I do to make you happy Lieutenant? " 

 Really? What can you do to make me happy? How about not selling an item I paid for and ordered, because you didn't have any, and NOT sell it to someone else? You're joking? No. They're serious. This is completely okay. I folded. I took the black one instead. Then I had to wait an additional twenty minutes while he went back and figured out how to do the return (because each color has its OWN item code) and get things squared away. At least it's out of the way and I don't have to deal with the same situation potentially happening again next month.

 Cheers, Sears! I've never actually had a company I ordered something from sell it before I could pick it up before! Especially someone I paid for prior.
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