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Well, well, well....

Update to this post, one year later.

I was persuaded to drop in there by a friend, and since Friend hadn't been there before....I went, in the belief that forewarned is forearmed.

It was VERY different. Whether the change was due to a change in management or the change in myself, I don't know. (Last time I was wearing work clothes & sneakers. This time I was all primped up in a skirt, heels, hose, the whole nine yards.)

Change #1: We were greeted with "how are you tonight?" and "would you like a booth or a table?" rather than a question about a reservation.

Change #2: When we handed the menus back and said we'd just like a drink, the waiter said "Oh, okay then" and made ready to take our drink order rather than telling us they "only had beer & wine". Furthermore, nobody was asked for ID. (I did have it on me this time.)

Change #3: They do, indeed, have more than beer or wine now--there is a full bar with mixed drinks available. Unfortunately, this seems to have led to a shorter wine list (two copies this time, too).

Change #4: The waiter was attentive but not intrusive, and chatted in a friendly fashion when he came by to check if we had changed our minds about supper/wanted refills. He also promptly brought the check and was quick with [accurate] change, earning himself a comparatively fat tip from my friend.

Dockside Bistro seems to have fixed most of its mistakes. (I had a glass of wine, so I don't know about the lemonade.) I may try another visit dressed see if clothes snobbery was the entire problem.

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