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Serviceable High Mileage 00

More of a WTF

I work in a hotel and we have a rewards program where guests can build up points and earn free room nights.  The only thing they have to do when they check in is bring in a little certificate that says "I have a free room!".  We need these so we can be reimbursed for the persons stay(Certificates are tracked by number codes) but sometimes they forget to bring them in or throw a fit about having to give us anything with their personal info (despite the fact that we already have all of it) so occasionally, we have to call into the reward program help center to get the numbers.  K backstory out of the way.  I had a few of these and needed to call the help center and when I did I was on hold for a short time before I was greeted with...

Hungry call center lady: *Wheeze crunch crunch* ***** Reward support this is **** how can I help you? *crunch crunch*
Me: Hi this is zombieandgrits from the hotel and I need help finding a few reward conformation and stay code numbers.
HCCL: *Crunch crunch huff huff* You need what?
Me: The 8 number conformation code and the stay code.
HCCL: *talking with her mouth full* OHH OOKAY *Grumf*  

I started giving her the numbers and was fine except the constant eating and huffy wheezing noises coming from her but then it came time for the last certificate.

HCCL:  *Crunch cough* I don't have that number, It's too many numbers long, you'll have to give me the*crunch crunch* number again.
Me: ::Repeats::
HCCL: Wrong again *mouthfull* Fweetharght. *sweetheart*
Me: Can I give you the guest's name and address?
HCCL: SIGH* Fine, go ahead.
Me: ::Gives::
HCCL: *Loud, horrible, choking laugh* That's a different hotel guuuurl.  *HACK MUNCH*

Now, this can't be because I'm holding his bill in my hand that says he stayed here for free and failed to hand in his certificate so I just thanked her and hung up.  I thought it was more WTF'y than anything else because she did kind of help me but seriously, eating and talking on the phone ESPECIALLY if you're at work is really rude.  As for the last bill I'm going to take care of it tommorow with another rep.

Tags: hotel/lodge, om nom nom
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