The queen of the imps (tenshinofushigi) wrote in bad_service,
The queen of the imps

The Curious Case of the Inept Movie Theatre

So, my roommate and I decided we wanted to go see a movie last weekend. We checked out what was playing and decided to go see a 9PM showing of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at a local movie theatre.

We took the bus over, got some dinner beforehand, and bought our ticket with no problem. I should mention the woman who sold us our tickets didn't indicate that there was any problems with the theater or the screening, just sold us the tickets and that was it. By this point, it was about 8:55. The trouble came when we went to the front entrance to try to go inside. Outside the front entrance was a long line of people, with a theatre employee guarding the door and fielding questions. When we asked what the line was for, we found out that everyone going to a 9 or later showing had to stand in line.

It was bitterly cold outside; I was shaking even under a heavy coat and a sweatshirt. But the entire line still had to stand there for twenty minutes, waiting for no apparent reason. (ETA: I should mention that the theatre has a large lobby inside, yet we still had to wait outside the front doors in the cold.) Later, I heard one of the people we'd been waiting with say that the theatre had started its projectors late that day, so people had been forced to wait extra time to see for every showing they'd had that day.

After twenty minutes, they let us inside; however, when we reached the room where Benjamin Button was going to be shown, there was another line of people waiting to go inside. We waited another fifteen minutes while the theatre's employees cleaned out the room before letting us in.

After we got our seat, there was about three minutes of silent still ads for local businesses while everyone got settled. When the previews came up, however, the reel was fine....but there was no sound. Then, the reel stopped, but the sound came on. Then both stopped.

Two more minutes of still ads.

The previews came on again, in the middle of the first preview. Still no sound.

One more minute of still ads.

This time the previews came up without a problem, and the rest of the movie went without incident.

Still. Me and my roommate had thought we'd be getting back to our room around midnight, and instead we got out at around 12:45, and had to endure twenty minutes of blistering cold because the theatre doesn't know how to handle its own projectors.

The movie was good, but we're never going back to that theatre.
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