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Waiter Needs a Clue.

This is my first post here. It's the first time since I've started watching this community that I've encountered something that made me go "holy cow, I should put this on bad_service." It's more of a mild WTF than a suck.

Earlier tonight I was at a hotel with my family celebrating a relative's birthday. Everyone ordered their meals, and we had three different waiters serving us our food, since our table was big. Two of the waiters were female, one was male. I have no complaints about the girls, but the guy made us all gasp at how shocking he was. He came up with two plates of food. He mumbled what one of them was, and we had to ask him to repeat it because we didn't hear him the first time. Someone claimed the food and he looked down at the second dish, a seafood pasta.

Go to script form:

Waiter: *looking at the dish of food* Um.... who wants this?
The rest of us: .... what is it?
Waiter: I... don't know what it is.
The rest of us: ... looks like the seafood pasta, maybe?
The birthday girl: Oh, that's mine.

Seriously? He didn't know what he had. I would think he would have been told or found out what it was. I don't know if he was new or whatever, but still I thought it was very unprofessional.

Also, one of the dishes was about 10 minutes late. Everyone had theirs except one. We had to call a waiter and remind them. Seems there was a mix-up with the order or something, but still. We didn't complain, just reminded them that we were missing a main course. I think we got it for free in the end.

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