jayphi77 (jayphi77) wrote in bad_service,

AT&T is annoying, if you have them you may already know that

att is really getting on my nerves. i have a couple of their services: the at home wierless and cell phone

the wireless is working pretty good except that i can't register to pay my bill online because i need some magic code that they'll send me in 7 to 10 days. that's annoying but the cellphone is a whole different animal.

My little brother just moved to my state and he's has needed me to help him (just a bit) while he acclimates to being in a new place. so i gladly put him on my cell plan. i enjoy a corporate rate so it was no big deal to cough up another 9.99 a month. That is until i got the first bill for $2100. that's right

I called asked why it happened and they said they don't know why it happened. we all have unlimited internet and data. so they had to write it off. it took them a week but they did it. now because my brother is popular and is going over on my minutes i upgraded a plan and got a discount because os the corporate tie in. Ysy! life is good right? wrong! just saw my bill $500. and they have no idea why...again.

it feels like whenever a chan ge is made, there is a reset or somebody doesn't click something...it's a pain.
Tags: phone service
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