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Background: I'm a 21 year-old female, short, still have acne. In short, I look like a teenager still. My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and so I went birthday shopping for her at a local mall (one of many).

Yet my age doesn't matter. At a particular higher-end cooking store, I wanted to buy a simple little paring knife, to replace the one that my mom has. Her's is about as old as I am, and is bent. Makes it interesting to use it. So I walk into the store, knowing what I want, and it is moderately crowded. Most of the people, however, are standing in line at the check-out. There are probably 5 floaters, wandering around the store.

I am looking for the closest person who will actually get me said knife, and see one worker finishing up with a couple at the knife display. I head over to her, and am ignored. I go to another floater, ask for help, and am told "oh, there should be somebody over there to help you out." I'm thinking that maybe this lady doesn't want to really work all that much, since she is standing at the entrance offering hand lotion; she wasn't there when I walked in with my sister. not to mention that she was also slightly rude. I doubt that we're near shift change at this point in time, so that is why I'm thinking that she's being a touch lazy.

I head over to yet another floater, and am opening my mouth to ask for help when she turns around and starts talking to this couple looking at coffee makers. At this point in time I decide to bag it all and leave. I'm annoyed, and don't really want to have to deal with these people anymore. I have my sister call my father, who actually looks his age and is currently at work (he's a doctor), so he'll be able to get the attention and service that is desired.

Basically all that I want is to be noticed. I have the money to buy this $30.00 knife. I know what I want. I had all of one question, and that is about the difference between two different knives. Same brand, just different lines. I may look like a teenager, but I'm in college. I work whenever I'm at home. It is not my goal to rip you guys off.

And to the family with the dog: I'm so sorry if she doesn't make it through the night. We all thought that she should have been moved to a 24-hour emergency clinic, but the boss said no, the dog stays here. I'm just having visions of me walking into work tomorrow (I'm opening) and discovering a death that could have been prevented had the dog had monitoring through the night. Now that is just plain sucky service.

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