deistarchocokat (deistarchocokat) wrote in bad_service,

I miss Hastings...

I really really really miss Hastings!!!  The one here in our town caved in from the heavy snowfalls that we've been getting.  So we have a Blu-Ray and Hastings was like the ONLY place we could find stuff for a reasonable price.  And every other place we've gone doesn't have their selections :((.  Sad Panda!  

So we decided to rent from Blockbuster aside from the discrepancy we had with them running our card three times for a movie that wasn't even late, the stupid nitwit "lost" it.  Now come to find out that you don't actually get a 2-day rental but one day and a half depending on the time you rent it.  I think it's a stupid policy that movies need to be turned in by noon the day off what a crock of shit!

HASTINGS where are you!?

I'm adding an edit to this since there are those that don't feel this is bad service. 

**Being treated like you're the assholes because a store doesn't do their job to properly tell people about their policies until shit hits the fan isn't very good customer service.  I work in a hotel and I make it a goddamn point to tell people about things they need to know.  But hey you're not inclined to read/reply so you can just move it along.
Aside from that when we did start this whole thing we asked the dum dum that was working who by the way has a "manager" name tag about any policies that we need to be aware of, so we're not charged.  Manage boy just says that we need to have them back by a certain day, that is it. 

And of course they already have charged our cards three other times despite the fact that we turned in our movies on time just because the same nitwit that STILL works there "lost" them.  So yeah I vote bad service. 

But yeah took everyones advice and we're going to try Netflix so hopefully that works out.
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