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VERY relieved this worked out

(This is a follow-up to yesterday's horrendous experience., because I figure you might want to know if this was ever resolved.)

After it hit the fan yesterday with "Marilyn" and the company that sells collector's knives/weaponry, I sent them an email since the customer service reps allegedly couldn't handle Internet orders over the phone. I never got a response through email, so I called them back again today, using the same number found on their website. I was a little hesitant to call them back, figuring I'd get the same runaround with no help.

I got someone different today; her name was "Ashley." She was much more helpful than "Marilyn" was yesterday. She took my information down after I explained the situation to her and had me forward her the confirmation email that I had received under the unknown recipient's name in my email. After looking into the matter, she discovered that somehow, my account had merged with the other account, because it didn't even look like I had registered an account. She couldn't exactly give me an explanation for this, except that it could possibly have been a computer glitch. But she did apologize for the trouble. She erased my credit card information from their system and took my email off their mailing list. She even offered to ship the same order via 2-day delivery because of the hassle.

I also explained to "Ashley" that I felt the way that "Marilyn" had dealt with me the other day ("We do not handle Internet orders over the phone") was uncalled for, especially if they have a customer service number right there on their website, and "Ashley" did apologize for that as well. She agreed with me, and told me, "We wouldn't have that number up there if we didn't intend to help our customers with stuff like this, and we don't want to lose your business as a valued customer." (Hopefully "Marilyn" gets disciplined and/or fired for her lack of customer service skills.)

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