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Dear douche who answered the phone at Taco Hell,

It's probably a good idea to make sure you have the phone on mute or get out of hearing distance from the receiver before you start talking crap about my voice. I don't think my voice is particularly high-pitched but you made it a point to tell the manager who I asked to speak to, that my voice was so high you couldn't understand me "I mean really REALLY high-pitched, super high...yeah like really really high-pitched...I have no idea what she was talking about..yeah I dunno...she wants to talk to you." I'm not particularly offended because I know my voice isn't deep but it's not like I sound like a mosquito either. But just in case you make it a habit, it's probably something you'll want to quit doing if you don't want to find yourself job-hunting in this shitty economy. Just a thought.

No love,
The Minnie Mouse impersonator
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