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Pizza Hut

It's once in a while that I order pizza. Of the handful of times that I've ordered online from Pizza Hut, it's been just this once that it managed to become fucked.

I order online around 8:45pm. For 3 medium pizzas and 1 order of cheese sticks, the ETA is 9:23pm. I'm starving and sick, so I make sure to take note and keep an eager eye on the clock. The clock proceeds past the quoted ETA into the 9:45pm range when I have my brother ring up the store about where the hell our order is.

The girl on the other end proceeds to tell us that somebody called and cancelled the order. My brother made sure she was telling us correctly, repeating our phone number and our address and she kept stressing that one of the three of us at this house (me, my husband, and my brother) called and cancelled. Not a fat chance in hell. For about 5+ minutes, my brother's just back and forth with the girl about how it wasn't possible that any of us called and cancelled and how it definitely was cancelled, respectively. Eventually she gives in to taking our order again and promising an ETA of 20 minutes with an $8 discount. $8 was more than the cheese sticks but less than one of the pizzas - whatever.

I don't know who fudged up and how, but I'll have to tell my mom to keep an eye out for two charges from Pizza Hut on her CC just in case.

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